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North Alabama FUTSAL will be conducting its 17th futsal season this winter, obviously a well-established organization that was created based on a set of values and a clear mission. Read more back at and other general description pages back at , e.g. and the webpages under the menu/More.



YOUTH FUTSAL ACADEMIES – Great for youth still learning the game or older youth who want a less stressful winter activity youth players are briefly coached in futsal specific skills and techniques for both better futsal play but also for better soccer play since the coaching in the futsal academy relates the newly acquired futsal skills to particular soccer situations. (This is coaching not available from soccer coaches.) Academies include lots of scrimmaging too, which is what everyone wants, of course.


SEASON OF COMPETITIVE GAMES – Play the fast paced, high scoring, electrifying game of futsal – in November thru January (winter session 1), in possibly in February and March (winter session 2), both youth of ages from 8 thru 19 and adult teams form and compete for division titles. These are competitive games, played strictly by FIFA futsal rules, and officiated by two referees and a timekeeper (the youngest youth may have only two officials). Trophies and/or t-shirts are awarded to division champions.


Register now to play:

Youth futsal "Academies" on Fridays, Nov. 12 thru Jan. 7, from 5:30 to 6:30pm and from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Receive futsal-specific coaching and play lots of fun futsal. $70/player. Signup individual players here:

Youth Competitive "League" Games on Fridays, Nov. 12 thru Jan. 14 or 21 (based on age), from 5:30 to 6:30pm and from 6:30 to 7:30pm.

U9 - U12 youth teams Early Bird Special $390, regularly $460.

U13-U16 youth teams Early Bird Special $485, regularly $570.

U17-U19 youth teams Early Bird Special $580, regularly $680.

Signup teams here:

Adult Competitive "League" Games on Sundays, Nov. 7 thru Jan. 23 or 30. (Exact end date TBD.) Early Bird Special $580, regularly $680. Signup teams here: NOTE: Use of credit cards not yet working for adult team online registration. Please view the following for all the possibly methods to remit payment: Alternative Payment Methods


Team Performance Bonds:

Each team is required to post a performance bond, a.k.a. forfeit bond, which is usually refundable at the end of the season/session. If a team fails to appear at the time of the scheduled game (a no-show), refuses to participate or leaves without participating (a walk-off), the team loses the performance bond. If a team appears and participates in all scheduled games, the performance bond may be refunded or left for a future season/session. The amounts are:

U9 - U12 youth teams, $50.

U13-U16 youth teams, $75.

U17-U19 youth teams, $100.

Adult teams, $100.


Annual Player Registration:

Since NAFL sanctions its activities with USFF for adults and USYF for youth, players and coaches register with either USFF or USYF annually, usually in the fall. This provides medical and liability insurance. It does NOT sign a player up to play on a team. This registration is done after a player or a coach has registered for an activity listed above. It’s only $13.50 for youth and $20 for adults.


¨ Youth players register here:


¨ Adult Players register here:



Register soon to play futsal on the regulation-lined futsal courts (there are two of them) in the new, incredible Johnson Legacy Center this winter. There is nothing like it for many cities and states around the S.E. Directions at:


Youth and Adult TEAM Registration Early Bird Special ends Oct. 10th. Regular Registration Deadline: Oct. 24th - late registration with Late Fee available for only a few additional days, afterwards no registrations accepted.

Youth Academy PLAYER Registration Deadline: Nov. 10th - late registration available for only two weeks, i.e. youth may miss max. of two initial sessions.


Questions? Email or contact the league via other method listed on



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